Internal Audit

Internal Audit Sarvam Associates is specialized in Internal Audit which is primarily conducted to provide the client’s management with a clear, comprehensive, and proper analysis of the functional efficiency of the organization and to suggest possible areas for improvements. We Sarvam Associates strongly believe in Internal Audits being a value addition exercise rather than a [...]

Tax Audit

Tax Audit                                                                                               The introduction of a new section [...]

Due Diligence Audit

Due Diligence Audit In business, a due diligence audit is basically a careful investigation into the complete financial picture of a company. Generally, these audits come before a purchase, merger, or other major decision that could negatively influence the finances of one or more businesses. These audits are generally used to ensure that no hidden [...]

Management Audit

Management Audit Management audits provide many & immediate benefits for the company as well as management on the executive level. Management Audit services aim to provide comprehensive, objective, reliable and accurate assessments of a company’s effectiveness, efficiency, productivity, and readiness to respond to changes in the macro-environment. Management audits provide transparency regarding management competence and [...]

Statutory Audit

Statutory Audit Auditing of the books of accounts in compliance with the Statute requirements for assuring true and fair view of the accounts under the compliance with the particular law condition under which the audit is initiated. The auditor supervises and analyzes every account in compliance with provisions and regulations of the Company Act. Statutory [...]

Audit & Assurance

Audit & Assurance   An audit & Assurance is an independent appraisal function established within an organization to examine and evaluate its activities as a service to the organization. To know about Internal Audit services click on this link Internal AuditStatutory AuditManagement AuditDue Diligence AuditTax Audit