Tax Audit

tax audit                                                                                             

The introduction of a new section “44AB” in the Finance Act of 1984 highlights the fresh requirements of tax audit which is in effect from Assessment year 1985-86. The main motive behind its introduction is curbing the issues like tax evasion and tax avoidance.

In tax audit, the tax auditors express an opinion about the liability and legality of certain factual details which is given to the indirect tax authorities by the assessee for further proceedings of tax assessment.

The appointed Chartered Accountant conducts tax audits of the assessee. The Chartered Accountant provides the tax audit report to the person in form 3CD specified under the Income Tax Act. During filing for the income tax return, relevant facts and data from the report are mandatory to include in an income tax return.

What Sarvam Associates Offers

  • We aim at reducing the tax burden and reviewing the disallowances and deductions under
    various parameters of Income Tax Act 1961.
  • The assessment is done with attention to the figures for computing the accurate assessable
  • Our Audit Tax department provides various tax audit services which are as per auditing & accounting standards and also based on the comprehensive statutory and regulatory requirements of Income Tax 1961, provide a comprehensive tax report.
  • You can contact us for gaining more benefits from our tax audit services.

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